Spill the Tea…


Bowls & Bubbles offers bubble tea, rice bowls, salad bowls, and smoothies. Enjoy an adventure in a bowl and one of our many “special-tea” drinks! It is a way to craft the perfect meal by building it exactly like YOU want it.


What is a poke bowl? A Hawaiian staple dish, poke bowls are deconstructed sushi in a bowl! Choose your favorite ingredients and layer that bowl with sushi rice or salad, tuna, salmon, chicken, shrimp, seaweed, edamame, yum yum sauce, sprouts, cucumbers, sesame, avocado, chilis, seaweed –the possibilities are endless! #FreeTheSushi and layer it up in a poke bowl.


Bubble tea, served hot or cold, is a refreshing drink full of flavor and fun. Kung Fu Tea is made with real fruit, and then you add bubbles that make you forget your troubles. And yes, they are bubbles you can eat! It’s a way to get fresh flavors fast.

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