Poke Bowl


Bowls are how we roll. #FreeTheSushi


Poke fun! Build your bowl how you want it. It is the new way to eat sushi–by deconstructing it, and only including your favorite ingredients. Bowls are available with one, two or three proteins and a practically endless selection of toppings and sauces so you can create your ultimate sushi flavor paradise. Going low carb? Get your bowl on greens instead of rice and make it a healthy and delicious salad covered with all the tastes and colors of the rainbow (and yum yum sauce, of course).

Build Your Own Bowl


white rice, brown rice, salad green (baby spinach or spring mix), or half & half


ahi tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, marinated tuna, spicy salmon, marinated tofu, chicken, shrimp


edamame, green onions, masago, jalapeno, red onions, corn, cucumber, carrots, pineapple, mango, tomatoes, watermelon radish, boiled egg, avocado, seaweed salad, crab salad, squid salad, wasabi, pickled ginger, pickled daikon


house shoyu, garlic ponzu, sweet teriyaki, sriracha aioli, yum yum sauce, roasted garlic aioli, toasted sesame ginger dressing, cucumber wasabi ranch, gochujang sauce, sesame oil

Extra Toppings

sesame seeds, tempura flakes, onion flakes, chopped peanuts, shredded nori, togarashi, flaming Cheetos dust

Specialty Bowls


Need help? Try one of our favorites.

The Sunrise

A specialty bowl of our family’s favorite ingredients! Featuring salmon, marinated tuna, and squid salad, this rainbow bowl is piled high with seaweed salad, edamame, masago, watermelon radish, cucumber, pineapple, a boiled egg, and green onions, then topped with garlic ponzu, sriracha aioli, and sesame oil. The finishing touch is a garnish of sesame seeds, tempura flakes, togarashi, and pickled ginger.

Tybee Time

Inspired by the salt, sand, and flavors of the ocean, find your beach and lose track of time with the Tybee Time Bowl. This bowl features tuna, salmon, and shrimp served with crab salad, red onions, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, and carrots. Topped with sweet teriyaki and yum yum sauce and garnished with sesame seeds, shredded nori, and onion flakes.


Named for the community nestled along the western shore of the Wilmington River, you’re going to feel the thunder when you order this delicious and spicy creation. Spicy tuna and spicy salmon served with masago, jalapeño, green onions, edamame, tomatoes, pineapple and avocado. Topped with house shoyu and cucumber wasabi ranch and garnished with wasabi, pickled ginger, chili flakes, and flaming Cheetos.

Ardsley Ahi Bowl

Named after Savannah’s Ardsley Park, a historic neighborhood with a contemporary twist. Ahi tuna, marinated tuna, & spicy tuna served with seaweed salad, masago, green onions, carrots, cucumber, watermelon radish, and a boiled egg. Topped with garlic ponzu and yum yum sauce. Garnished with togarashi, pickled ginger, and onion flakes.

The Bluff Bowl

This delicious delight was created with the marsh breezes on beautiful Isle of Hope’s Bluff Drive in mind. Chicken, shrimp and crab salad served with cucumber, corn, pineapple, boiled egg, and avocado. Topped with house shoyu and yum yum sauce. Garnished with sesame seeds, tempura flakes, and shredded nori.