Kung Fu Tea


Bowls & Bubbles serves beverages by Kung Fu Tea. Pick from different teas, super-fresh fruits and customize your own bubbles. Does winter melon strike your fancy? How about ginger milk tea? You can’t go wrong with drinks available hot and cold, from classic fruit teas to punches, milk caps, smoothies, and more, topped with bubbles on bubbles on bubbles… #HappyBubblesBelly

Kung Fu Tea Favorites

KF Milk Tea

KF Milk Tea, Milk Green Tea and Oolong Milk Tea uses non-dairy milk, and fresh black, jasmine green and oolong tea. It is Taiwanese style with a subtle tea flavor. Want tea without the strong taste? Look no further.

Coconut Milk Tea

This drink mixes coconut flavor, non-dairy milk, black tea and water. It gives off a fair tea taste. Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fiber.

Winter Melon Milk Green Tea

This drink is made with winter melon syrup, non-dairy milk powder and jasmine green tea. Winter melon is delicious fruit grown on a vine.

Mango Green Tea

This drink is a mix of mango flavor and jasmine green tea. It combines the goodness of green tea with the fresh flavor of sweet mangoes perfectly.

Matcha Red Bean

This slush is a mix of matcha flavor and whole milk. Kung Fu Tea uses authentic Japanese matcha powder blended with water and whole milk. You can taste the red bean and feel the earthiness of it.